Ann Marie

With Storehouse Since: 2007
Countries I’ve Visited: Costa Rica, Mexico, Jamaica, Italy, Hungary
Favorite Bible Character: Queen of Sheba
Last Book Read: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin
Pets I’ve Owned: Sea Monkeys, Hermit crabs, a rooster named Murphy
Favorite Foods: steak, tacos, blueberries, chocolate
Favorite Dessert: Coffee ice cream
Favorite Places: fireplaces, mountains, beach, bookstores, coffee shops
Things I Hate: Math, getting lost, technology that doesn’t work
People Probably Don’t Know: authored 3 children’s books (unpublished), worked for an Olympic gold medalist, and collect funny squirrel photos
Random: I once ran into T.L. Osborne at the grocery store, and Joel Osteen at the bookstore
Favorite Podcasts: Jurgen Matthesius, Havilah Cunnington
My Advice to Men: Don’t own a small dog that wears clothes.
My Advice to Women: Buy the shoes but make sure they don’t kill your toes.
Favorite Flowers: Sterling rose, sunflower
I’d Rather Not Live Without: iPhone, sunglasses, coffee, my Bible
What I’m Most Excited About: THE FUTURE