Aaron & Julie Richardson

Things we love:
A-Steak and Rolls
J-Culinary Arts, I’m a foody
Favorite restaurant:
A-Ruth’s Chris and other great steak houses
Favorite movie:
J-Father of Lights
Favorite book:
A-Blessing your Spirit by Arthur Burk & Think Orange by Reggie Joiner
J-Visions Beyond The Veil by H. A. Baker
People I would like to meet:
J-Rolland and Heidi Baker
Things I hate:
A-Dallas Traffic & Chinese food
Things that fascinate me:
J-Central Market
Things people  don’t  know about me:
A-My joking facial expressions and normal facial expressions are exactly the same
J-I’m Canadian
Something Adventures:
A-I love to go hiking
Favorite scripture:
A- John 15:5
J-John 15:5